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In order to have access to a country before filing in for permanent residence, you obviously need a visa to do so. It can either be, student visa, work visa, tourist. visit or business visas. We can help you buy visa online in case you are having plans to migrate to your desired country and seek for permanent residence. This procedure only applies to people who are currently outside of their country of interest. We use this method as an entry point in order to launch the permanent resident procedure upon their arrival. We take our time to elaborate all these because, you need to understand how legal and trustworthy this process is.
To people who only aspire to invade a certain country for one interest or the other, we give you the ability to register a genuine visa with us. You can choose us to follow your immigration procedure of any country of choice, you only appear for biometric and medicals, while the remaining job is done by us. We offer student, work, visit, tourist or business visa. With years of expertise and the long lasting relationship we have created with insiders in the immigration offices in top countries in the world, these officials help us facilitate the entire process and make sure we deliver a legal documents to our client. If you are already active in the country in which you desire to become a citizen, we can easily launch your process so you can have your permanent resident status.

In order to get started, having documents like a passport and IELTS Certificate are very essential. In case you don’t have one, you can as well, buy passport online and buy genuine IELTS certificate without exam.
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