nike dunk low dames zwart

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nike dunk low dames zwart

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"NIKE, Inc. is currently on the mission of becoming carbon neutral. Although the company has made changes to its retail and corporate spaces to reflect its “Move to Zero” initiative, it’s also done so on the product front. Recently, the air max 90 dames wit leer has appeared in four “Black” and “White” color combinations under the Next Nature banner, which indicates the pairs are constructed from least 20% recycled materials.
The nike dunk low dames zwart looks to achieves that repurposed look as it grabs the silhouette of the Dunk via the use of scrap pieces typically discarded onto the factory floor. Random materials and overlays give it that DIY aesthetic, a trend that has grown hand-in-hand with sustainability movement over the last few years. This new model has already appeared in a number of colorful options, and it now adds a classic black/gum look with some minute accents of color via the thick embroidery and floating pieces on the lace collar.
adidas was lucky to recruit Melting Sadness, a Chinese imprint whose mainline ingenuity has transitioned rather well to the footwear brand’s line-up of classics. And here, with their upcoming adidas forum low dames, the two are drawing inspiration from yet another furry creature, this time man’s best friend.
But this is not outwardly apparent at a glance. Rather, the pair adidas schoenen heren sale first exudes retro influence, its materials composed of corduroy, felt, and a weave that errs deceptively close to burlap. Each is then dressed in a different autumnal tone — some a deep brown, others a much lighter tan or mustard yellow. In addition, the duo have added a few customizable options. The smooth, cognac leathers of the front strap can be swapped for one brighter and textured with wide wale cord. What’s more, the back can also be adorned in one of two ways: with either an enlarged panel signed off by Melting Sadness themselves or a more playful dog-shaped accessory."
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