'I couldn't visit my brother to tell him mum had died'

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'I couldn't visit my brother to tell him mum had died'

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'I couldn't visit my brother to tell him mum had died'

Revelations that up to 100 people were invited to a "bring-your-own-booze" party in the Downing Street garden during the first lockdown in May 2020, have upset many people who were separated from dying loved ones, unable to attend funerals or alone during life-changing events as they followed the rules.

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Here are some of those stories.

'Ruby would have been so mad about this'
Ruby Fuller, 18, died from leukaemia five days before the Downing Street garden party - and on the same day a gathering reportedly happened in the same garden, complete with wine and cheese..

Lockdown rules meant Ruby had to say goodbye to her friends, grandparents and other relatives via video call from the family home in Crystal Palace, south London.

Her mother, Emma Jones, says Boris Johnson's apology does not go far enough and he should resign as prime minister.

She tells the BBC she now feels "stupid" for adhering to restrictions, and that it is "really infuriating" the people who made the rules appeared to have created them just for the "little people".

'I couldn't visit my brother to tell him mum had died'
Toni Kent contacted us to say her mother died on 22 May 2020, a couple of days after the Downing Street party. The lockdown rules in place then prevented her from breaking the news to her brother in person.

Toni's brother has Downs Syndrome and lives in a care home. She had to break the news to him on an internet call while he was supported by care assistants.

"You can imagine how heartbreaking this was," says Toni. "He used to speak to our mum every day and she was his sole parent.

"To discover that drinks parties were taking place between the very people who were telling us that we could not meet each other is sickening to hear."
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