Asics Gel Rocket 10 White Peacoat

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Asics Gel Rocket 10 White Peacoat

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The new generation Asics Gel-Rocket 9 proves that a perfect combination of comfort and Asics 2021 stability does not have to cost the earth. This versatile indoor shoe offers you advanced technologies, such as weight-reducing TRUSSTIC technology, at a reasonable price, making it a great choice for ambitious players.

The Asics Womens is the ideal sports shoe for indoor sports such as squash, badminton and volleyball. The latest technologies such as 'Forefoot Gel', 'Open Mesh Upper', 'TRUSSTIC-system' and the 'NC-Rubber Outsole' in the Asics Gel-Rocket 9 ensure your optimal performance. The cushioning elements in Asics shoes are made of gel, a silicone-based material that absorbs every shock to the maximum.

The top of the Asics Gel-Rocket 9 is made of a gauze-like fabric, the so-called open mesh system, which iconiconsale keeps your feet dry and cool at all times. This breathable and seamless fabric combined with the perfect fit prevents blisters and irritation of the skin. The insole not only provides optimum cushioning and comfort but also offers maximum support for your foot. The insole can easily be removed after use to allow your shoes to dry faster.

If you’re looking for that versatile indoor court shoe to play a little bit of everything in, it’s pretty tough to beat the Asics Gel Rocket 10 White Peacoat. Engineered with ASICS Trusstic System designed to increase court stability and control torsion helping you change direction at lightning speeds. Plus, improved forefoot cushioning with GEL™ technology to provide added shock absorption and lasting comfort. Whether your game of choice is volleyball, pickleball, squash, badminton or a little bit of all four; this shoe has the features you need to put in an outstanding performance.
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