Asics Hypergel Kenzen Black

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Asics Hypergel Kenzen Black

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The HyperGel Kenzen from Asics was lauded by the majority who have tried it. Asics Sneakers Gift Ideas Many admired the comfort, and sock-like feel it provided. Aside from its amazing construction, wearers appreciate the shoes’ arch support. Although some have issues with the fit and look, others still recommend the footwear for its performance.

Generally, the Asics HyperGel Kenzen has made numerous consumers Asics Hypergel Kenzen Black happy and contented because of its excellent construction, flexibility, and cushioning.The new HyperGEL-KENZEN is an innovative design that incorporates HyperGEL technology with breathability detail and HyperGEL beads integrated into the midsole.

Every HyperGEL shoe is unique and provides an enhanced cushion effect which reduces impact and preserves energy, resulting in improved comfort iconiconsale and endurance as the midsole restores its form faster than comparable footwear models. The futuristic look is completed with Japanese Kanji symbols located on both the inside and heel of each shoe.

The left foot symbol translates to 'Mind' while the Asics Sneakers Christmas right foot translates to 'Body' stamping the ASICS credo 'Sound Mind, Sound Body" onto the very fabric of our latest premium offering. **FIT NOTICE** The HyperGEL-KENZEN has a new premium sock-like fit but also runs slightly shorter than standard.
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